Casamata encompasses a collection of distinct hospitality projects anchored in one common objective: “to share our mexican identity, by creating world class experiences that reflect our heritage with pride


  • pujol
  • cosme
  • damian
  • atla
  • ticuchi
  • criollo
  • ditroit
  • eno
  • molino
  • manta
  • jerónimo
  • carao

Pujol, Enrique Olvera’s first project, opened its doors in 2000. Olvera’s cuisine is always transforming, drawing on ideas from here and there that he revisits and also evolve. The roots of his proposal are well rooted in high quality ingredients and the different techniques of Mexican cuisine.


Cosme is a restaurant in New York City’s Flatiron District serving contemporary cuisine inspired and rooted in Mexican flavors and traditions while celebrating local and seasonal ingredients from the Hudson Valley and surrounding region. Cosme’s beverage program focuses on artisanal spirits and mirrors its cuisine, letting the high quality ingredients shine.



2132 E 7th Place,
Los Angeles,
CA 90021

Damian is a restaurant in Los Angeles’ Arts District serving contemporary cuisine rooted in Mexican culture. Inspired by the Pacific coasts’ culinary traditions, while celebrating seasonal Californian produce. Damian’s beverage program focuses on artisanal spirits and mirrors its cuisine, letting the high quality ingredients shine.


ATLA is a casual all-day eatery offering simple and traditional yet inventive Mexican dishes as we understand it: no short-cuts, authentic, yet with a global perspective and an unequivocal focus on fresh, organic, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. While relaxed in nature, the restaurant is flexible enough to gradually evolve into a sleek night-time venue to showcase the depth of our hand-crafted beverages in a lively environment.


Ticuchi means bat in Mixtec and is the name of the agave distillate bar that opened its doors in the former Pujol location. Ticuchi’s interior displays velvet, wood and concrete elements that, dimly lit by candlelight, create an intimate and elegant atmosphere. The beverage proposal is articulated around a careful selection of distillates from the state of Oaxaca and includes elegant and sober drinks that enhance the complexity of the spirits.



Calzada Madero 129,
Oaxaca de Juárez

Criollo is a space away from the busy center of Oaxaca, housed inside a colonial-style mansion, Criollo celebrates the cuisines of the different regions of the state. It has an intimate and elegant interior patio that connects to the restaurant’s garden through a cactus garden. In the garden, long tables invite the diner to a more casual experience, but as authentic as the first section of the restaurant. Tucked away in the back of the restaurant is Casa Criollo, the restaurant’s guesthouse. It is a space adorned with Mexican art and furnishings that offers travelers a space for disconnection and enjoyment.


Ditroit is a taqueria in Damian’s back alley. With a laid-back nature, its food menu is simple and tasty, celebrating Mexican food classics: flautas, tacos de suadero, carnitas and even mole.


Eno currently operates five locations in Mexico City. Each address is strongly rooted in its neighborhood and the menu, almost identical in all of them, includes Mexican classics for breakfast and lunch but also has an all-day menu.. Its proposal turns around seasonal ingredients of exceptional quality, all the ingredients used are local, product of responsible agriculture.


Molino “El Pujol” is a mill and tortillería located in Colonia Condesa, in addition to grinding once a week the mole used in Pujol and every day the nixtamalized corn to provide corn dough to Casamata restaurants in Mexico City, Molino “El Pujol” offers its visitors tortillas and preparations made from corn: tamales, tacos, corn on the cob, esquites, quesadillas, atole and champurrado.


Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the desert, Manta was conceived as a black box that focuses on the views from one of the most desirable and secluded playas in Cabo. Its´ name has a thoughtful double meaning: a manta ray which symbolizes the kitchen’s focus on seafood, while manta, the Spanish word for canvas, conveys the idea of freedom in artistic expression. As The Cape’s culinary centerpiece, Manta celebrates Pacific coasts cultures; taking inspiration from Mexico, Peru, Japan and beyond. Manta’s cuisine commitment is to source local and sustainable ingredients from Baja, while maintaining a casual spirit.


Located inside One&Only Mandarina, Carao is a celebration of the Mexican North Pacific. Inspired by the palapas found on the region’s sandy beaches, the restaurant is a space of delicate luminosity where one can breathe while appreciating the generous surroundings of the region. Carao’s menu revisits classics such as zarandeado fish and, like the rest of Casamata’s projects, pays particular attention to the development of working networks with local suppliers while taking care of every detail to offer visitors to the restaurant a unique experience.



Enrique Olvera

Enrique Olvera

Chef Founder

Cdmx, Mexico City

Since the opening of Pujol 23 years ago, Enrique has not ceased to celebrate Mexican gastronomy, his work has attracted international attention to Mexico City as a gastronomic destination and has also been, through the different restaurants, a school and mentor for countless talents. As from the beginning, and surrounded by a solid team, Enrique is today a driving force for creativity and the prospection of new hospitality businesses in Mexico and the world.

Santiago Perez

Santiago Perez

Chief Executive Officer

Cdmx, Mexico City

Santiago’s passionate and long-term business vision is a tireless driver of Casamata’s growth. His extensive knowledge of the industry allows him to make accurate decisions that guarantee the constant progress of all the company’s projects in a global landscape.

Alonso de Garay

Alonso de Garay

Architecture / Partner

A visionary, he knows how to imprint a Mexican touch to the developments he is in charge of with an elegant and contemporary look. Alonso conceives spaces that dialogue not only with the gastronomic concept of each project but also with the cities and neighborhoods where they exist.

Gonzalo Gout

Gonzalo Gout

Director of DNA & Culture

Cdmx, Mexico City

Knowing in detail the operation of each of the restaurants and with the global strategy always in mind, Gonzalo ensures that the teams have the conditions to meet their objectives. A born leader and good negotiator, he has the ability to create spaces where there is a sense of trust that allows the teams to focus their energy on achieving the common objectives.

Robyn Tse

Robyn Tse

Director of Strategy

Robyn is our resident forward-thinker, guiding us on the path to growth and development. She has an uncanny talent for focusing on the long-term vision while never losing sight of the magic in the details in order to scale our organization. Robyn’s energetic outlook and dedication to empowering teams make her a key player in our journey toward shaping the future of hospitality.

Carlos Solano

Carlos Solano

Financial Controller

His thoroughness and methodology are elemental to maintain a healthy company, at the same time, Carlos knows to the detail the singularities of the industry and from that perspective not only sets uncompromising rules of the game, but also knows how to propose realistic and always timely solutions to the different teams. He knows the impact that his work has on the day-to-day operation and from that empathy he relates to the different projects of Casamata.

Eréndira Díaz

Eréndira Díaz

Director of Operations | US

Erendira stands as a vibrant thread, weaving together the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and success. A true conciliator, she navigates challenges with grace, always keeping her objectives in clear sight. As a ‘hands-on’ enthusiast, her tenacity shines as she relentlessly seeks solutions. 

With her extensive tenure and mastery in various positions, she exemplifies engagement and involvement, her presence serves as a driving force within our team, making her one of our invaluable pillars.