Refugio is Luis Arellano’s first solo editorial project. This book was born with a desire to register, to leave a trace and memory of the Mexican bread recipes that were always present in his life but that have also become part of the life of Criollo, in Oaxaca. The recipes, sprinkled with personal stories, reveal Arellano’s personal relationship with certain preparations: stories of childhood, absence, family, generosity and affection.

With photography by Araceli Paz and texts by Luis Arellano and Enrique Olvera, Refugio is a cookbook, a book that readers will want to have on hand to learn more about the bread that every Mexican has always been exposed to, the bread that is found in every neighborhood bakery and that is celebrated every day as it is prepared and eaten.

Refugio can be purchased at Criollo’s website. It is also available at Criollo in Oaxaca City and in CDMX at Pujol, Molino “El Pujol, Ticuchi and eno.